Canadian studies at Acadia University is a multi-disciplinary program designed to introduce students to various perspectives on Canadian society. In addition to a general Canadian studies program, students may choose courses which focus primarily on Atlantic Canada, on Canadian culture, or on contemporary Canadian issues. It is also possible to earn a major in Canadian Studies alone, or to combine it with another discipline to receive a double major.

Canadian studies is taken as a special option in the Faculty of Arts. Given the wide variety of courses available in Canadian topics, students are advised to consult with the Dean of Arts or the Co-ordinator of the Canadian Studies Option when planning their program to ensure that all degree requirements for the B.A. with Options (as outlined in the University Calendar) are met.

An honours program is also offered in Canadian studies. This program is of particular interest to students who propose to do graduate work in Canadian studies.

For more information please contact Dr Stephen Henderson for more information.